Starbucks SSC Expansion Acoustical Wall Covering | Tackable Wall Covering | Writable Wall Covering | Fire Protection

Owner: Starbucks Corporation
General Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis
Architect: NBBJ
Client: Lease Crutcher Lewis

multifunctional wall coverings

Having to go in and retrofit an iconic building in Seattle is no easy task. One never knows what kind of shape the walls will be in! In this instance, our GC partner did a wonderful job of providing good, plumb walls to give us a blank canvas to cover. Per the design guidelines, PBS installed Tri-Kes Acousticord acoustical wall covering along with dry erase wall covering and natural cork spanning floor-to-ceiling. Additionally, the team partnered with a stretch-wall fabric sub-contractor to deliver the banquettes and stretch-wall application... providing a complete package for the customer.

“providing a complete package for the customer”


aiding in design and product recommendation

The end-user had some unique challenges with previously installed products. PBS was able to go on-site with the client, assess the situation, and provide options for improved finishes. This resulted in switching tackable surfaces to the PBS Duracork natural cork. Nearing completion of the job, PBS was able to pick up some of the Division 10 Specialties knickknack scopes, helping the general contractor close out the project with one less headache.