Our services are just the beginning

Premium products? Expert services? Competitive pricing? These aren’t what make us us: they’re table-stakes. What sets PBS apart is the way we truly partner with our clients, knowing their industry inside and out, anticipating their needs, and leaving time to plan everything so there are no surprises. This isn’t what we make: it’s who we are.


Driven by values

Commitment to our clients drives everything we do. We provide visual display and building specialty products at the forefront of what’s possible. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We’re responsive, efficient, and accountable. But we’re also driven by the commitments we make to ourselves and our teammates. We’re proud of our work. And we simply love what we do.


Our Team


David Strecker



Mark Strecker



Ross Dorn

Director of Business Operations


Brett Barkus

General Manager


Ken Barkus



Sonny Tram

Project Manager


Molly Grube

Contract Administrator


Mike Tiersma



Daniel Jenes

Project Coordinator


Darren Keegan

Senior Finance Manager


Zach Lambert

Project Manager


Megan Wilson

Admin/Inside Sales


Lead Union Carpenters

Lead Union Carpenters