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retrofitting a school

Creating an optimal learning environment is a continuous endeavor for educational institutions. Recently, PBS - Pacific Building Specialties - engaged in a quick turn project to improve the Stanwood MS classrooms by retrofitting and installing new window coverings. This transformation not only enhanced the aesthetics of the classrooms but also contributed to better light control, energy efficiency, and overall functionality. Importantly, the project was completed in just one day!

“retrofitting and installing new window coverings”


quick, efficient installation

The installation phase was executed with precision. PBS utilized our union carpenter installers who were diligent in ensuring that the window coverings were securely and properly installed in each classroom. The process was efficient, minimizing disruption to the school's daily routine and class schedule. This project serves as a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful and well-executed renovations can have on educational spaces, making them more conducive to learning and fostering a sense of pride within the school community.