URG + Touchstone Writable Wall Covering | Acoustical Wall Covering | Acoustical Ceilings | Tackable Wall Covering

Owner: Urban Renaissance Group
General Contractor: Unimark Construction
Architect: Interior Architects (IA)
Client: URG + Touchstone

dynamic & functional

The recently completed URG + Touchstone Headquarters was a unique project in terms of both the scope and the installation timeline. The product, more specifically the applications, resulted in a dynamic and functional shared space. The combination of writable wall covering and all-natural, tackable panels achieved the end-user’s robust collaboration requirements.

“PBS was able to verify and install the products, ahead of schedule, and under-budget to meet the project’s demands”

  • Custom Design
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • On-site management

ahead of schedule, under budget

Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling acoustical wall covering mitigated noise concerns in the shared spaces. Perhaps most importantly, PBS Supply and its Union Carpenters were able to field verify and install the products off-hours, ahead of schedule, and under-budget to meet the project’s demands. In fact, PBS was called in for some "Day 2" work to further dampen sound, resulting in the installation of Turf hanging acoustical baffles and F-Sorb wall panels in the lightwell.