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completely customizable

With the current Stay Home – Stay Healthy order in effect now seems like a great time to highlight one of our most functional and versatile products... the Markerwall (Marker Wall System). These systems provide unparalleled customization by first installing the trim (which is custom cut prior to install) and then installing the markerboard panels into the trim in the field allowing for limitless applications. This system is ideal for covering large areas while fitting tightly around whatever fixtures may be protruding from the wall.

“one of our most functional and versatile products”

  • Full-Wall, Floor-To-Ceiling
  • 4ft. or 5ft. Wide Panels x Almost Any Height
  • Panels Butted Together for Continuous Writing Surface
  • Porcelain or Glass

unique wall applications

Some recent installations and notes: + Northwood ES required a custom notch at the top of the center panels to allow for short throw projectors turning every teaching wall into a projection screen as well. UW Nano Engineering Building utilized Markerwalls to make every wall of their 1st floor collaboration rooms writable surfaces. Once completed this single room has over 1,300 square feet of writable surface! Microsoft Building 42 took full advantage of the field installed system to integrate a writable surface into decorative wood walls. The historic Lincoln High School renovation wanted to maximize the collaborative space on a wall that also had to house both electrical and HVAC equipment.


Claridge Custom Sliding Glass Markerwall


Custom Notch PBS Marker Wall


Claridge Custom Glass Markerwall


Claridge Frameless LCS3 Porcelain Markerwall


Claridge LCS3 Porcelain Markerwall (MW2) with Magnetic Tray


Off-set Marker Wall Systems


Claridge Glass Markerwall with Magnetic Box Tray


Recessed Markerwalls


Magnetic Blade Tray for Claridge LCS3 Porcelain Markerwall (MW2)


Claridge LCS3 Porcelain Markerwall (MW2) with Custom Cutouts for Electrical


Claridge LCS3 Porcelain Markerwall (MW2) with Magnetic Tray


Claridge Low-profile J-cap Trim for Markerwall (MW2) Systems


Custom Installed by PBS, Claridge LCS3 Porcelain Markerwall (MW2) with wood trim divider


HVAC Integrated Marker Wall Systems


Full Wall Application MW2