Northwood Elementary Markerboards / Fabric Wrapped Panels / Tackable Wall Covering

Owner: Mercer Island School District
General Contractor: Bayley Construction
Architect: Mahlum Architects
Client: Northwood Elementary (Mercer Island ES)

Learning spaces

The recently completed Mercer Island School District project exhibited a number of different visual display surfaces. The school required dynamic workspaces to disseminate information sharing and collaboration among students and staff.

“PBS was a wonderful partner in helping create flexible, durable, and beautiful interior spaces for the school community.”

- Rebecca Hutchinson, Associate, Mahlum Architects


The PBS solution

PBS Supply installed full-length markerwalls, sliding markerboard units, and fabric wrapped panels across the classrooms as well as tackable surfaces throughout the hallways. This resulted in a completely functional learning environment, both writable and tackable, throughout the elementary school.