Solution Spotlight: Falkbuilt – Digital Component Construction Partition Systems | Solid Walls | Head Walls | Glass Walls | Store Fronts

Owner: Commercial | Health Care | Education
General Contractor: Any
Architect: Various
Client: You!

partition systems, doors, interior folding walls and more

PBS is excited to announce that we have partnered with Falkbuilt as their factory-direct branch across Greater Seattle and Portland. Falkbuilt manufactures a full array of quality interior construction components—partition systems, doors, interior folding walls and more—for use in commercial, educational, healthcare, public and residential buildings across North America and around the world. We are thrilled to partner with an innovative company to support and enhance an existing industry. So what is Digital Component Construction? It's conventional construction on steroids!

“We are digitizing interior construction for the commercial, healthcare and education industries!”

  • cost-effective: time & labor efficiencies
  • speed: lead time (4-weeks) + construction (1/4 time compared to dry wall)
  • excellent acoustic performance: up to 47 stc
  • technology-focused: Revit and A/R enabled
  • limitless design: architectural components and countless finishes
  • sustainable: LEED & WELL certified

reduce cost and increase efficiencies

+Digital Component Construction is a simple solution that combines proven interior construction methods with next-generation technology to build beautiful, high-performing and cost effective environments. It follows the same process as conventional construction but along the way, it reduces costs and shrinks schedules. +Falkbuilt connects with the same technological platforms that are widely used in conventional construction and we use industry-standard design and engineering tools. We deliver and install in the identical manner to conventional construction—except you don’t have clean up the site or haul away a bunch of waste. +You also don’t have to pay an arm and a leg. In fact you’ll be surprised at the labor rate for Digital Component Construction (another spoiler alert: It’s less than installing steel studs and drywall even before taping, sanding and finishing). +With Falkbuilt’s innovative design and engineering process and strategic sourcing, Digital Component Construction’s solutions are unbelievably competitive. They also deliver acoustic performance, infection control and refined designed detailing.


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