Historic Pemco Building Acoustical Panels / Writable Surfaces / Mailboxes / Door & Wall Protection

Owner: Unico Properties
General Contractor: Howard S Wright
Architect: SABArchitects
Client: Technology TI

One stop shop

The iconic “Pemco Building” in Seattle recently underwent a face-lift to welcome a new tenant and was in need of some serious interior upgrades. The space would require ingenuity not only to successfully transform the building but to safely get the materials onsite as the loading dock and freight elevator presented a trying challenge.

“PBS improved the collaborative quotient”


Multiple facets

PBS improved the collaborative quotient of the space by enhancing not only how messages were seen but how they were heard. Writable glass markerboards were installed in both offices and open spaces once being (carefully) moved to every corner of the building to facilitate communicative diffusion. While the existing concrete pillars could have proved an auditory nightmare, sustainable acoustic panels were installed to ensure the messages were heard by the desired party and not the entire office. Lastly, PBS provided the lockers, corner guards, and mailbox slots to round out the wonderful new and improved space.