Falkbuilt Digital Component Construction / Solid Walls / Glass Walls

Familiar Process / Functional Components / Fully Loaded

Falkbuilt precision manufactures digital components off-site and delivers them pre-cut (with incredible flexibility built in) and ready to be installed, quickly, safely and with virtually no waste onsite. With Falkbuilt, you don’t need to schedule time for insulation, hanging drywall, a screw inspection, days of drywall taping, then priming and painting, drywall repair, and a final coat of paint. Rather, after finishing with ceiling and floor tracks, trades put up the Super Studs and affix cladding, quickly and easily.

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  • Adjustment Built In
  • Acoustically Sound
  • Solid Walls
  • Glass Walls
  • Quick Electrical

Shrink + Simplify Your Schedule

Digital Component Construction is emulating tried and true components and follows essentially the same process that’s been used for more than 100 years. We manufacture everything in our factory and deliver precise components onsite for a fast, efficient and clean install. We use far fewer materials, speed up the schedule and virtually eliminate waste on the job site. Plus we have endless design options, infection control and superior acoustics. We are conventional construction on steroids.